Foodie Partner Bios

We’ve teamed up with some of the UK’s most influential food bloggers to bring you some exciting new dishes which provide inspiration on how Peppadew® Peppers can be enjoyed throughout the day.

Amuse Your Bouche

Becca is the brains behind the deliciously simple vegetarian blog Amuse Your Bouche. Becca is a passionate vegetarian and has provided six sensational recipes to inspire you how Peppadew® Peppers can help make veggie meals just as tasty and exciting as any that use meat.



Lavender & Lovage

Lavender & Lovage is a fresh & innovative blog that is written by Karen, specialising in exciting original recipes & baking. Karen’s recipes are influenced by seasonal flavours and here she shares some of her favourite Peppadew® inspired dishes to see you through the festive season.



Hungry Healthy Happy

Hungry Healthy Happy is written by Dannii, a food, health, fitness and travel blogger who lost an incredible 7st and changed her life forever. Here she shares six amazing recipes which show how Peppadew® Peppers can bring incredible taste and vibrancy to dishes, without adding unnecessary fat and calories.



Erren's Kitchen

Erren is originally from the USA but fell in love with an Englishman and England and now lives in East Sussex. Her recipes are simple but inventive and she loves using Peppdew® Piquante Peppers to bring colour and that unique sweet heat to those recipes.



Celery & Cupcakes

Jemma is a health and well being writer, blogger and recipe developer who is passionate about wholesome food and ingredients and just happens to love Peppadew®! 


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